College Transfer Associate Degrees

Start your college career at Seattle Central! You'll enjoy smaller classes with instructors who know your name. And our tuition is half the price of a four–year college. Each transfer degree requires 90 credits and takes approximately two years to complete if you are attending as a full–time student (12–18 credits per quarter).

College Transfer students must see an advisor before or at 45 credits to develop a long–range degree plan. You will receive a letter from the Advising Office when you reach 45 credits.

Associate Transfer Degrees

Associate Transfer Degrees with Emphasis

Deaf Studies

Beginning fall 2015, the American Sign Language department will offer the following classes: ASL& 121 (fall, winter, summer), ASL& 122 (winter and spring), ASL& 123 (spring and summer), and ASL 120 (fall and spring).

Due to declining enrollment the Associate of Arts degree emphasis in Deaf Studies will no longer be offered beginning fall 2015 and the following classes will not be offered in the foreseeable future: ASL& 221–223, ASL 125, LAN 110 and DRMA 112. If this may affect your academic plan please call advising at 206.934.4068.

Sustainable Agriculture

Global Health
Global Health Program Website

Global Studies
Global Studies Program Website


Associate of Applied Science–Transfer (AAS–T): Seattle Central College's AAS–T degree programs are not designed for transfer to other colleges or universities. If you are wanting to transfer to a four–year university please refer to the DTA section for more information.

Associate in Nursing – DTA/MRP

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