Sociology is the scientific study of human society. Sociologists examine social behavior and social institutions with the view that our social backgrounds influence our attitudes, behavior, and life chances.

Sociology Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to American Culture
  • Sociology of Asian Americans
  • Sociology of the Media
  • Race and Ethnic Relations in the US
  • Social Problems
  • Sex Roles and Society
  • Human Sexuality
  • Social Psychology
Earn a college transfer degree that includes Sociology classes.


Scott Furuta
University of California at Los Angeles, Sociology, B.A.
University of California at Los Angeles, Economics, B.A.
University of Washington, Sociology, M.A.
Gregory S. Hinckley
Brigham Young University, Sociology M.S.
Kayleen U. Oka
Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), English and Mass Communications, B.A. Honors
School for International Training (Brattleboro, Vermont), Intercultural and International Management, M.A.
University of Toronto, Sociology & Equity Studies/Comparative, International and Development Education, Ph.D.

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