Data Calendar

The Data Calendar describes planned reporting on core theme indicators and other key information for faculty, staff and students.

Data Calendar

The reports in bold are internal core theme and continuous improvement reporting. Other reports are for external regulators, partners, and/or grantors.

All dates are tentative and subject to change. This calendar does not supersede any other institutional agreement or contractual obligation.

2015 Reports
January Project Finish Line, Enrollment and Retention Report, National Student Clearinghouse, Gainful Employment
February IPEDS Verify, Seattle Central Persistence and Outreach Table
March Seattle Central Annual Student Survey, Annual Employee Survey, Program Reviews
April National Science Foundation, Student Academic Persistence and Success Report, Project Finish Line, National Student Clearinghouse
May Environmental Survey, Persistence and Outreach Table
June Statway Reporting, Academic Persistence and Success Report
July Enrollment and Retention Report, Gainful Employment, National Student Clearinghouse, Annual Completion and Transfer Report
August Strategic Initiatives and Instructional Research Planning Period
September Project Finish Line, Academic Persistence and Success Report, Gainful Employment, Program Review Reports by Department
October Enrollment and Retention Report, SBCTC Data Confirmations, National Student Clearinghouse
November SCC Persistence and Outreach Table
December Statway, Title III Compliance, Academic Persistence and Success Report

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