Pay for College: Work Study

Our work–study programs offer you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while earning money for college. You are able to enhance your current course work as well as your future profession by integrating classroom learning with real–world work experience.

Both on–campus and off–campus work–study positions are available. You receive your work–study funds in the form of a paycheck from your employer based on the number of hours you have worked in any given pay period. Please note that because work–study funds must be earned, they are not available at the beginning of the quarter to help you pay your tuition and fees.


Work–study earnings can be used to meet current expenses, such as supplies, transportation, or living expenses, or they can be saved in a personal bank account to help you pay expenses for an upcoming quarter. Available work–study positions are posted in books located in the Financial Aid Office.


Eligibility for work–study funding is determined by the Financial Aid Office after you have completed the financial aid application process. If you are not awarded work-study, but you are interested in work-study programs, you should contact the Financial Aid Office.

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