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As a prospective student, you may have a lot of questions. Let us help you get to the right department!

Interested in Attending Seattle Central?

Contact Outreach Services to learn about programs, services, admission or becoming a student.

Submitted an admission application?

Contact Admissions to ask a question about an admission application that you are completing or have already submitted.

Submitted a FAFSA?

Contact Financial Aid for questions related to your FAFSA and financial aid status.

Forgot your SID number?

Contact Registration for questions related to your SID number, transcripts, and other student records.

Want to speak with an academic advisor?

Contact our Advising office to schedule a meeting.

Are you an international student interested in attending Seattle Central?

Contact International Education Programs (IEP) for assistance. (IEP does not work with individuals holding A, E, G, I, K, H, L, U or immigrant visas, or individuals with asylum, refugee or undocumented status. If you are in one of these categories, contact Outreach Services or one of the offices indicated above for assistance.)

Complete an international student inquiry form to get materials.

Other questions?

Contact Information Central if you have any other questions not addressed above.

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