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Downloading Mathematica for Students

Students currently enrolled at SCCC can download the latest student version of Mathematica for free.

Before you download:
Every student at SCCC has a Google email account with an email address ending in When you go through the installation process for Mathematica, your Seattle Central email address will verify that you are indeed an SCCC student.

Your Google email address is:

Your password is intially the last 9 digits of your school ID number, until you reset it.

For students new to Seattle Central starting Fall 2016, your loginID is your EAD name.  Example:

For students who were enrolled at Seattle Central prior to Fall 2016, your loginID is your old EdNet name. Example:

Go to and try logging in now!

For more information about your SCCC email account click here .

Download process:
All users (Windows, Mac, and Unix) should follow the installation directions in the document below.

»Mathematica Installation Instructions (.pdf)

Download Questions?
Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf) about downloading Mathematica.


Additional Mathematica materials:

The file below is the official SCCC Mathematica Tutorial used in CSC102Q at SCCC. The tutorial is a hands-on introduction to Mathematica.

»Mathematica Tutorial - Version 1.8 (.nb) (Updated 8/17. Right Click to Save)

The two notebooks below have special formatting to make input and output cells easier to recognize.

»Special "Blank" Notebook #1 (.nb) (Right Click to Save)

»Special "Blank" Notebook #2 (.nb) (Right Click to Save)

The sccc package is a collection of additional commands and option settings that support the educational uses of Mathematica at SCCC. Your Math instructor will provide more information on which commands in the package are relevant to your course.The package, installation instructions, and guide to using the package are posted below.

»sccc Mathematica Package - Version 2.4 (.wl) (Updated 8/17. Right Click to Save)

»sccc Package Installation Instructions (.pdf) (Updated 6/17)

»Guide to Using sccc Package - Version 2.4 (.nb) (Updated 8/17. Right Click to save)


Notes for Mac Users:

  1. To "right click," hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while you click.
  2. Sometimes Mathematica notebook files saved will have a .txt extention added to them. If so, edit the file name on your computer so that it ends in .nb
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