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Special Libraries & Other Possibilities

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Special libraries serve companies, and government, or non-profit agencies with the specialized information they need to do their work. Law libraries collect legal cases and the special indexes for finding them; government agency libraries focus on reports and technical documents; corporate libraries collect and manage information related to the core business. Museums, historical societies, and community centers may also maintain small libraries with records related to their mission. Some of these libraries are open to the public.

The special library for the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C., the Library of Congress, is perhaps the largest of all libraries. Unofficially, it serves as the United States national library, with its enromous collections of books, periodicals, pictures, music, and film from all over the world. Many of its resources have been placed online, but it holds millions of books and historically important collections that can be found there alone.

Library of Congress

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updated: 4/11/10