Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Division

When you arrive at the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Division, you reach the heart of Seattle Central College. Our liberal arts courses educate a diverse community. The Division comprises a vibrant collection of over 20 areas of study that range from the fine and performing arts, to the world languages, to an array of disciplines that study the relationships between individual, culture, and society. In all that we do, the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Division embraces integrated learning, diversity, and multiculturalism as the most essential components in teaching and learning at Seattle Central.

Only the liberal arts prepares students to thrive in their academic and professional career goals in a world of increasingly uncertainty and complexity. In Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences courses, students acquire the communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, and global learning skills that will prepare them not just for their first job, or their next job, but an entire lifetime of opportunities. From anthropology to art history, from German to geography, the Humanities and Social Sciences prepares you to value the rich varieties of human experience, to understand the relationship between the self and the community, and to establish a foundation for life–long learning that can take you anywhere.

Whether you are looking to take classes for personal enjoyment, to add general education coursework to a professional–technical or workforce certificate, or to transfer to a four–year college or university, the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Division provides a range of inspiring, challenging educational opportunities for you to meet your personal and professional learning goals.

Welcome to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Seattle Central!

Kayleen Oka, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Kate Kreig, M.A.,
Associate Dean for Academic Transfer Education

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