How to Apply and Enroll

Ready to attend class and study? Seattle Central has a spot for you. Remember, deadlines are important so use the Academic Calendar to stay on track.

Students with special needs and/or disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services for assistance.

Step 1: Apply
Admissions: Phone 206.934.5450, Room BE1104

High School graduate and / or 18 or older
Anyone who is a high school graduate or anyone age 18 or older can become a Seattle Central student. To apply just fill out the online application form, it's fast and free! Two business days later, students will receive an official Student Identification Number (SID).

Under 18?
Applicants under the age of 18 or who do not have a high school diploma will need to apply to one of our High School Programs.

Note: Some programs have separate enrollment procedures, therefore, make sure to consult the individual Professional / Technical program.

Step 2: Plan Funding
Financial Aid: Phone 206.934.3844, Room BE1104

Did you know?
Seattle Central offers an Automatic Payment Plan to spread out college costs.

Start Early
The key to successfully planning funding is to start early—at least three months!

Financial Aid Resources
There are several resources available including Financial Aid, Federal Direct Loans, Workforce Education, Veteran's Services, and various Grants. Detailed information about these and other options can be found in the comprehensive pay for college section of our website.

Tuition Deadline
Students are responsible for paying tuition by the tuition deadline.

Step 3: Placement For Classes
Placement Test: Phone 206.934.6344, Room BE1106

New Students
New students have several options to demonstrate their English and/or math proficiency level.

  1. Take the placement test for English and Math.
  2. Use qualifying ACT or SAT scores – testing FAQ.
  3. Seattle Public Schools Students: Use high school transcript for placement in intermediate algebra or college level math. Placement test still required for English. Math placement request form and chart.

Returning Students
Returning students may need to retake the placement test if the most recent math class or previous placement test score is older than three years.

If a student has already completed college level work they may bypass the placement test by providing unofficial college transcripts showing successful completion of English composition and/or college level math. Detailed information about transcripts and transcript submissions can be found in the transcript section of our website.

Step 4: Register
Registration: Phone 206.934.6918, Room BE1104

START (New Student Orientation)
START New Student Orientation: Phone 206.934.5450, Room BE1104

New students must complete the START orientation either in person (sign up in room BE1104 and receive a PIN right away) or online (enter SID; receive PIN in two business days). For returning students START is optional.

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number. All students need a PIN to register for classes.

The following student groups use a separate orientation and are not required to take START: Running Start, International Students, Non–credit ABE, ESL, and GED® students.

Academic Advising: Phone 206.934.4068,, Room BE1102D
Workforce Advising: Phone 206.934.4068,, Room BE1102D

Advisors help guide students in choosing classes based on academic goals. College transfer students will need to work with an Academic Advisor (mandatory after 45 credits). Students entering a Professional/Technical program may need to see a Workforce Advisor before entry into the program. Please check with the specific program for details regarding Workforce Advising requirements. Detailed information about advising and appointment scheduling can be found in the advising section of our website.

Register for Classes
Registration: Phone 206.934.6918; Voice/TTY 206.934.3807, Room BE1104D

After completing steps 1–4, there are two ways to register for classes:

  1. Online: Register for classes using Student Online Services. Scroll down to "Register" and browse the provided tutorial (if needed). Additional video tutorials for using the online registration and waitlist application can be found in the registration section of our website.
  2. In Person: Visit the Registration office (Room BE1104). This may be required for courses that need the instructor's permission.

Note: Waitlisted students must attend first day of class with an Add/Drop form to obtain instructor permission to enroll.

Step 5: Pay & Prepare
Cashier: Phone 206.934.4108, Room BE1104

Pay Tuition
Cashier's Office: Phone 206.934.4108, Room BE1104–A

Tuition is due within seven business days from the date the student registers for classes or by the first day of class, whichever comes first. Students who applied for Financial Aid can check their award status with the Financial Aid office or online.

Detailed information about the many different options for paying tuition and fees can be found in the tuition section of our website.

Buy Books & Supplies
Bookstore: Located on Broadway across the street from the main campus. Phone 206.934.4148

New and used paper and e–books can be purchased (or rented) from the campus bookstore. Class item numbers and section numbers are needed to buy books and the campus bookstore has lists of required textbooks. Books and supplies can also be downloaded and purchased online.

Plan Parking & Transportation

For help with planning a commute to Seattle Central, learn about ORCA cards and student parking permits in the transportation section of our website.

Get a Seattle Central Photo I.D. Card
Student I.D. Card: Phone 206.934.6918, Room BE1104

Photo identification (I.D.) cards are required for all students and can be obtained in the Enrollment Services lobby. We suggest that students obtain an I.D. card as soon as they have paid for their classes; if a student is enrolled in a payment plan, their first payment must be received by the college before they can get an I.D. card.

Student I.D. Cards are required — don't forget to get yours!

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