Ergonomic Assessments

The Environmental Health and Safety Manager is available, by appointment request, to conduct ergonomic evaluations of employee workstations. The intention of this process is to address and minimize the occurrence of cumulative trauma injuries (i.e. musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive motion injuries) in the workplace.

If you request an appointment, you will be provided with tools and resources to enable you to self–check your workspace for "quick fix" or easy workflow changes. A week from the initial assessment, the Environmental Health and Safety Manager will follow–up with the employee to ensure that any actions taken to make the workstation more ergonomic are addressing the employee's concerns.

Environmental Health and Safety will also provide you with a list of simple office exercises for employees that spend the majority of their time at a computer workstation. It details simple stretches that employees can utilize, should they chose to, to help prevent or alleviate ergonomic-related discomfort.

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