Integrative Learning

Our Learning Communities courses range from team taught to independently taught to encourage creative and critical thinking. Our courses include:

Coordinated Studies

These are paired courses (also known as CSP's) that are team taught by two or more diverse faculty members and the coursework is fully integrated.

Examples of Coordinated Studies include:

  • The Power of Nightmares (Anthropology, English, and Sociology)
  • Art and Anarchy! (Anthropology and Art History)
  • True Blood: The Fatal Invention of Vampires and Zombies. (English and Sociology).


These are two independent courses with one or more overlapping assignments and the same students are in both classes.

Examples of Links include:

  • Ways of Knowing (Humanities and Math)
  • Having Our Say, Too! (Humanities and English)
  • In Search of Community: People, Place and Poetics (Anthropology and English)

Integrated Assignments

These assignments include groups of students from several different courses and Student Life. The students collaborate to explore issues related to their life experiences and specific course disciplines in one or more shared assignments.

Examples of Integrated Assignments include:

  • Water project
  • T–shirt project
  • Social change project

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