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Business Operations is committed to providing professional, accurate, and timely financial and business services to all of the students, employees, and clients of Seattle Central College.

We are committed to supporting the college's mission of creating a learning environment that is accessible, diverse, responsive, and innovative. Our website contains more detailed information on all of the services we offer, including how to complete the commonly used business forms and documents.

Budget Planning FY17‐18

The College Council Resource Allocation Committee created 11 recommendations to guide the budget process this year. Their process included seven listening and feedback sessions to gather input from members of the campus community.

The President's Cabinet reviewed the Resource Allocation Committee recommendations and accepted all of them. Below are links to documents in this year's budget process.

Budget Planning FY16‐17

President's Cabinet Decisions for FY 16–17 One–time Budget Requests

The President's Cabinet reviewed the Resource Allocation Subcommittee report and recommendations for one–time funding requests. Cabinet accepted most requests as ranked and will fund them in the order recommended by the subcommittee. The few exceptions are explained below:

  • Eight staffing requests appeared to be permanent positions. While requests for one year of funding technically qualified these positions for one–time funding, they were judged to be permanent and were removed from the rankings.
  • The Community Diversity Dialogues has secured funding from another source so it was removed from the ranking.
  • Two items were moved up in rank to ensure funding. The first is student computers in the Veterans Center as veterans need this basic level of support. The second is Seattle Central College's 50th Anniversary. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to draw media attention to the college, our new programs and our considerable successes at a time when enrollment has been dropping at 5 percent or more per year for the last few years.
  • The request for an updated photo ID system was set aside for further review. A task force will examine the requirements of the updated system before any funding is awarded.

The attached table lists the subcommittee's rankings and adjustments made by Cabinet . All of the items with a "high" rank will receive one–time funds in 16–17. The remaining items will receive funding based on the amount of carry forward savings available after the end of the year. Those items will be funded based on their ranking, and with an eye toward equity and a balanced distribution of funds across all areas of the college.

Classroom furniture and classroom teaching station equipment also received one–time funding. The requests from faculty, staff and administration to remedy long deferred maintenance and replacement of these items resulted in the decision to fund them apart from the budget subcommittee process.

Watch the Seattle Central Budget Forum presentation which was on 5/2/2016 in Room BE1110 at 2:30 p.m.

Watch the SVI Budget Forum presentation which was on 5/4/2016 in Room SVI 401 at 2:15 p.m.

Business Operations and Administrative Services Staff

Phyllis Gretchenuk
Director of Business Operations

  • Budgets
  • Business Operations and Cashier's Office Management
  • Interdepartmental Charges and Credits (IDCs)
  • Full Time Employee ENSRCs
  • Fee and Fee Code Requests
  • Budget Number Requests

Jenny Tran
Fiscal Analyst – Business Operations 2BE1104

  • Part Time Employee ENSRCs
  • Part Time Faculty Contracts
  • Stipends
  • Cost Center Charge Backs

Thuy Dung Tran
Fiscal Specialist – Business Operations 2BE1104

  • Accounts Receivable / Invoice Requests
  • Purchase Requisitions / Orders
  • Invoice Vouchers
  • Business Office Credit Card
  • Personal Service Contracts (budget only)

Susie Salem
Associate Director

  • Grants and Contracts
  • Non–Operating Budgets
  • Fiscal Compliance
  • Fixed Asset Inventory

Deanne Kupietz
Program Manager — Cashier's Office 2BE1104

  • Cashier Staff Supervisor
  • Student Accounts Management
  • Manage Daily Cashier Operations
  • Nelnet Process Management

Note: All the cashiers process daily deposits.

Meg Cayanan
Cashier 2BE1104

  • Student payments and refunds
  • Daily Deposits
  • Nelnet Payment Processing and Reconciliation
  • Reimbursement and payroll check disbursement

Maude (Micki) Deputy
Cashier 2BE1104

  • Student payments and refunds
  • Daily Deposits
  • Nelnet Payment Processing and Reconciliation
  • Reimbursement and payroll check disbursement

Rachel Cahan
Executive Assistant to the VP of Administrative Services – BE4180

  • Corporate Travel Card
  • Travel Requisition (TAR / TEV)

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