Campus Artwork at Seattle Central

We are often asked about the artwork located on our campuses. The following are prominent works featured around the Broadway Edison building, Wood Technology Center and Seattle Vocational Institute. Hover over an image and click to learn more.

Wind Cradle

By Alison Baudoin

Chief Seattle City 1 and 2

By Andrew Morrison

Wood Anatomy

By Benson Shaw

Untitled 1, 2, and 3

By Carolyn Orr


By Cecilia Alvarez


By Cecilia Alvarez


By Cecilia Alvarez


By Cecilia Alvarez

Park Sculpture

By Charles W. Smith

Erickson Theatre Lobby

By Douglas Hanson

The Foundation

By Francesco Siqueiros

Premonition of the Past, Hope of the Future

By Francesco Siqueiros

Fountain Sculpture

By George Tsutakawa


By Gwen Knight

Celebration of Heritage

By Jacob Lawrence

Jacqueline Moreau

By Jacqueline Moreau


By Jon Gierlich

Topophilia–Ibmuing in Maru

By Keiko Hara

The Language of Science

By Laura Brodax

The Particle Adventure

By Laura Brodax

Recycled Child

By Marita Dingus

Red Joie

By Michael Dennis

We Are Family

By Monad Elohim

Life 101

By Roger Nachman

Brother and Sister

By William Henry Brewer

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